U.S. Covered Up Attempts by Japan to Construct Ethnic-Racial Bioweapons

Liberation of the Muken POW camp, http://www.mukdenpows.org/PhotosAfterLiberationUnknown.htm

Of all the Western reactions to Russia’s claims of a U.S. biological warfare program aimed at its country, none have reached the pitch of hysterical ridicule as Russia’s claim that the U.S. is seeking a biological weapon aimed specifically at ethnic Russians.

Indeed, a March 22, 2022 article in Duma-TV quoted deputy chairman of the State Duma…



Psychologist (retired), blogger, author of "Cover-up at Guantanamo" https://www.amazon.com/Cover-up-Guantanamo-Investigation-Suicides-Mohammed/dp/1520587090/

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