• Elias Eliadis

    Elias Eliadis

  • Dangerous Thinking

    Dangerous Thinking

    Artist advancing environmental and social well-being. Formerly stewarding a 35' Sailboat and now living in Faial, Azores (WayfindersNow.com).

  • Ross Crawford-d'Heur

    Ross Crawford-d'Heur

    Software Engineer, CTO http://t.co/exgEQHlNAw, Django, Flask, Symfony2, Rails and a few others.. :) http://t.co/0JcjbQrBPx.

  • Kenneth Lipp

    Kenneth Lipp

    Journalist. Covert surveillance, law enforcement, federal courts, local tabloid fodder. Respondeat superior. If it can be destroyed by the truth it should be.

  • J r

    J r

  • Billm


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