“A real flood of bacteria and germs” — Communications Intelligence and Charges of U.S. Germ Warfare during the Korean War

Cover art for CIA pamphlet release in 2013, in public domain
Screenshot from CIA release, “Baptism by Fire,” Daily Reports, file 1952–03–06a.pdf
Untitled, from the CIA Baptism by Fire pamphlet, in public domain
Army Security Agency Direction Finding Unit in the Mountains of Korea (NSA photo, reproduced from CIA article in “Studies in Intelligence,” v. 45, no. 1)
Photograph of Shiro Ishii (masao takezawa / wikimedia commons)
From Dec. 13, 1946 memo from Frank Tavenner, Chief Prosecutor, International Military Tribunal For The Far East, to Soviet Major-General A. N. Vasilyev, concerning possible prosecution of Unit 731 for use of biological weapons (link)
Selection from Khabarovsk Trial transcripts published by the Soviets, p. 442 (link)
Untitled, from CIA Baptism by Fire pamphlet, in public domain
Back cover art from CIA’s “Baptism by Fire” pamphlet (Public Domain)
North Korean poster, from CIA Baptism by Fire pamphlet, in public domain
Field map showing where a U.S. military plane allegedly dropped fleas at Song-Dong, Hoi-Yang Goon, as portrayed in ISC report, pg. 318 (p. 355 of linked PDF)
Screenshot from COMINT SUEDE Daily report file 1952–03–04b, Baptism by Fire release
Four-chambered leaflet bomb used to distribute infected insects dropped on villages in Liaotung Province, NE China (Manchuria), as reproduced in ISC report
A page from CIA “Baptism by Fire” pamphlet release, 2013
Image of plague infected vole from ISC report, PDF pg. 286 at link
Image from International Scientific Commission (“Needham”) Report, pg. 317 ((p. 354 of linked PDF)
New York Times screenshot, September 16, 1952, p. 3
Col. Frank Schwable as POW, from “People’s China,” March 16, 1953
Col. Schwable faced legal proceedings over his germ warfare confession: NY Times, February 16, 1954, p. 2
Selected files on COMINT and other CIA intelligence reports concerning BW use in Korean War

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